Quit foolin

“You need to quit foolin’ around with those horses. You’re gonna get hurt” she said to me.

I shrugged.

“Goes with the territory.”

And it’s true. If you spend a lot of time around horses, in the pasture, the barn, training them in the arena or round pen there is a chance you might get hurt in some way.
But it doesn’t stop you.
When you think of the hurt that could happen, fear rises in your chest, your muscles stiffen and it consumes you. And the horse knows it. You are the leader, and you’re scared or nervous, so he has a reason to be nervous. And you become more nervous and tense. And the horse does, too, and you can see where this is going.

Therefore, you learn to sidestep the fear, and focus upon the task at hand, the moment. You relax into just being and the horse relaxes into just being. You are on his plane now – where the only things that exist are being and realness. There are no grudges, no future worries, no present fears. Just two beings sharing the same space and learning how to communicate and co-exist in the greatest peace.

Can you imagine the explosion of peace if you did this with your friends? And even strangers?

Wow. Scares me, too. Time to sidestep.