Change starts today

I am going to change my Life. How? I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to eat healthier. I’m going to get up 30 minutes earlier and take the dog for a walk every morning. I’m going to drink more water.

I excel at this. I really mean that. I’m great with preparation. I’m great at coming up with ideas. I’m great at dreaming. I’m great at starting. Or preparing to start.

I like to read about it, research it, think about it, talk about it, and take little ego trips about “how cool” everyone with think such-n-such is. Or how I’ll feel once it’s done. Or about where I’ll go on tour after publishing a book about it.

Gimme a break. Ok – it’s true; my head races off that far. But, I’ve realized a distinction.

The people who DO change their lives – never say these things. Sure, they probably say it to themselves at some point. But you don’t’ see them buying books, making lists and plans and agendas and goals. Or making blueprints, outlines and Excel spreadsheets. You don’t find them huddled in little kaffeeklastches talking about all these things.

The people who change their lives don’t say “I’m going to ________”.

They say “I did _____” or “I am doing _______”.

So, with this post, I am tossing out the to do list, and starting my “I did” list.