August 14, 2012

“That horse is dangerous … she tried to kick my head off … she’s crazy …. don’t push her, they did something to her mind … her mother hated humans, too”

These are all things I’ve been told about the horse, Luna. But look in her eye, once you get past the stunning white eyelashes. There is a gentle soul in there – she’s just ill-adapted to Life with humans. She’s been so wronged for so long, but she cannot escape. So she survives the best her prey-animal instincts will allow.

She is starting to learn a different way. Slowly, with much patience and compassion guiding the way, she is learning that SOME humans can be trusted.

One human saw not the dangerous hooves, or the pinned back ears, but instead the expressive eyes. And just maybe saw behind those eyes the fear and sadness of a betrayed spirit. That human took the time to stand still within those eyes, and heard a soul asking for kindness and understanding. Thus, it was offered.


Well … here we are and here we go. Being assimilated into the massive cyber space of recycled opinions, doubts, insecurities, “new” ideas, and uniquely universal bullshit.

“evolvingsoapbox” seemed fitting as my impression of blogs – other than most of them are “blahgs” – is people use them as a vehicle for spouting opinions- and they don’t even have to be rooted in reality!

And “evolving” because every opinion, feeling, thought and belief I express is subject to change. Yes, even my most fundamental beliefs – such as “There are no absolutes” (therefore, there may be because that sentence by its own definition can’t be absolutely true).  

Really – this should be easy and fun – I have make believe conversations and audiences in my head all the time – so, why not also have them online, where they are virtually a reality??? 

“But where will it lead?” whines the lazy ego … well … you have to explore a new path before you can know where it goes. And “discovering” where it goes is much more life enriching than being told where it goes. (a Linda Ellerbee quote seems fitting here)

“And so it goes …”